Creative Play Training Center (CPTC)

Creative Play Training Center (CPTC) came into existance by recognizing a need in the mental health community of consistant and diverse training that is needed to be an effective play therapist.

In Minnesota, there is typically a handful of providers training people in similar ways with similar play therapy theories, e.g., Existential Play Therapy (Byron Norton’s model), Filial Therapy (Gurney and Van Fleet model and trainer), and some Sandtray and Sand Play models. There are a handful of University graduate school programs offering only one class or special topics class, but not an entire program to become a Registered Play Therapist (RPT).

However, there are MANY ways be a Play Therapy with MANY models. CPTC is one place to get exposure to many different modalities of Play Therapy. CPTC’s goal is to be one choice among other choices in the area to obtain Play Therapy CEUs in order for professionals to become an RPT in months instead of years.  Visit our FAQs (for more information) or Trainings (for upcoming offerings).


Why become a Play Therapist when I already “do” play therapy with my clients?

Becoming a Registered Play Therapist can set you aside from other practitioners who “do play therapy.” When a professional takes the 150 CEUs that are required for the learning portion of becoming a RPT, they are gaining knowledge far beyond professionals who have taken minimal requirements for their chosen graduate school program. Along with the learning portion, prospective RPTs participate in supervision. During that process, professionals continue to sharpen their skills and develop a rich understanding of how children, mental health, family dynamics, environment, etc., affects the child client.

RPT designation is a marketing tool for gaining more clients and building a client’s trust (and their parents/guardians) along with being able to have the “know how” to talk with other professionals that would want to refer to you. Having a RPT /  RPT-S / SB RPT, can set you apart from other professionals.

CPTC is a different setting than being in a graduate school program or University setting. The training schedule is up to you and it is your choice how many CEUs to take with CPTC. CPTC is located in a private practice setting, which makes the learning environment casual and low key. The only part of the program we are not creative with is our attendance policy, which you can visit here. We keep trainings small and offer classes as the demand warrants thus CPTC has the flexibility to meet needs of interested professionals.

Katherine Routt

Katherine M. Pacyga Routt MS, LMFT, RPT-S

Katherine is the Owner and Lead Trainer at Creative Play Training Center. She has her master’s degree and is Licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist and is a Registered Play Therapist – Supervisor. Katherine also owns an outpatient mental health clinic, Family Strengths Counseling Group.

Katherine graduated from the University of Minnesota’s Family Social Science program in 1998. During that time, she learned and started understanding family systems and children within the family context. Katherine attended the University of Wisconsin, Stout for graduate training and at that time had desires of becoming a medical family therapist; however, she realized that career opportunities were not aligning with her interests and instead became involved in community mental health.

In 2003, Katherine obtained her license as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Her work with children developed into her niche and she realized, “I need more training.” In searching online for play therapy trainings, she found the Association for Play Therapy’s national conference. She went to the conference in Colorado and realized, “These are my people. This is how I want to practice.”

Katherine obtained her MN Board of MFT and AAMFT supervisor designation in 2008. One of the reasons she was drawn to supervision was because “I like the puzzle. I enjoy working with supervisees to help them look at problems/solutions.” Katherine became a RPT-S in 2009. After becoming a RPT-S, she realized that blending creativity with those problems/solutions leads both the supervisee and the client to more opportunities for growth. In developing CPTC, Katherine obtained her APT Approved Provider of Training designation, #16-445.

In 2009, Katherine founded Family Strengths Counseling Group, “where people come to change, heal, and grow.” She developed a practice that holds high standards of care for clients, utilizing creativity and play therapy. Since 2009, FSCG has expanded to 5 locations concentrating on northern rural Minnesota and collaborating with other partners.

Katherine has had opportunties to speak about Play Therapy at St. Thomas University; Minnesota State University, Mankato; University of Wisconsin, Stout; St. Cloud State University; Minnesota Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Conferences; MN APT Training; Minnesota Family Based Services Association Conference; Anoka Hennepin School District training, Anoka County Human Services and Jordan River Foundation Training in Amman, Jordan. Katherine has spoken to other local organizations about utilizing play therapy and supervision.

Katherine has used Play Therapy as part of her clinical work for over 10 years. She believes that creativity with every age client is essential to a vibrant, productive mental health practice.