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Who should attend CPTC Trainings?

Professionals and graduate students who are interested in learning more about play therapy and how to use it with their clients/students.

What is Play Therapy?

Visit our Play Therapy page!

When are the Trainings?

Various days of the week and time of day. Typically, CPTC orients trainings for working adults, thus most trainings will be held evenings and weekends. Please visit the Trainings page for current offerings.

Where are the Trainings held?

Typically, trainings are held at 199 Coon Rapids Blvd, Suite 210 Coon Rapids, MN 55433.

However, CPTC trainings can be held at other locations. Please make sure when signing up for a training that the location matches what you need.

Why should I become a Play Therapist?

Set yourself apart with the core knowledge of how play works with children, developing core skills in Play Therapy and mental health, to have high standards in training and practice, to protect the public, and for public awareness.

Why should I attend trainings at CPTC?

Trainings occur locally in Minnesota vs. traveling to another state. CEU cost is reasonable thus the designation is attainable in months vs. years. Participants do not have to enroll in a University or College system. The typical training size is small which allows for networking and robust participation.

How many CEUs do I need to become a RPT/RPT-S/SB-RPT?

That depends on what each person needs to meet the CEU requirement. Some of you will need 150 CEUs and others of you only need handful of CEUs. Previous play therapy specific course   work and/or other trainings will determine how much you currently need.

For more detailed information go to APT credentials homepage and review “Guides

What does CEU hour mean?

CPTC CEU hours are considered a “pure” hour. Thus, one CPTC CEU hour = 60 minutes of seat time.

What if I come late or leave early from a CPTC training?

If the participant arrives later than the scheduled start time or leaves prior to the scheduled end time, the participant will only receive the CEUs for time attended (by 15 minute increments).

Does my previous CEUs count towards my designation?

All play therapy CEUs from CPTC will have written on certificate “approved” APT provider with proof of APT Provider number. CPTC will distribute certificates with APT Provider number at the end of each seminar.

All other CEU certificates will need to meet APT standards. If you have questions about those CEUs then contact APT and they will work with you.

How much does each CEU cost?

CPTC trainings will cost differently based on how many hours, topic, guest speaker, and if there are more resources to conduct the training.

Example, History of Play Therapy is $25 per CEU due to basic talk focused training, no materials used. Another example, StoryPlay training that utilizes talk and many experiential exercises will cost $895 for 30 hours of training.

Cost of CPTC CEUs can change at any time.

How to I register for CPTC trainings?

Currently CPTC is using Eventbrite. Please go to our trainings page to see current offerings.

What if I can’t attend a CPTC training I registered for?

Attendance Policy: Each participant must attend the full schedule of training to receive entire amount of CEUs offered with CPTC. No exceptions. A CEU certificate will only reflect the hours a participant is in attendance with CPTC. If the participant arrives later than the scheduled start time or leaves prior to the scheduled end time, the participant will only receive the CEUs for time attended (by 15 minute increments).

Cancellation/Refund Policy: Cancellation and refund requests must be made through Eventbrite. Cancellations received 10 days before the training start date are refundable less a 20% administrative charge per registrant. Cancellations received within 10 days of the training start date will receive the 20% administrative charge and an additional $25 late cancel charge. Multiple day trainings “start date” refers to the first scheduled training date, not to each individual scheduled date. Cancellations received on the day of the training are not subject to refund.

Do I need to purchase additional materials for class?

That will depend on the class.

Example, History of Play Therapy participants will not need to purchase additional materials. Child Development for Therapists participants will have to purchase one text book. Any expressive art focused trainings will have options for participants to purchase their own materials.

How many CEUs can I get from CPTC?

No matter how or where you get your CEUs, per APT requirements each applicant can only get 135 CEU hour maximum training from the same trainer. Thus, CPTC will make every effort to have different trainers. It is the responsibility of the applicant/learner to make sure they have a variety of instructors/trainers to meet the CEU requirement from APT.

What are the Topics of Training?

Visit the trainings page.

What if I want more trainings than are being offered?

CPTC is developing more trainings regularly. Come back to our page, sign up for announcements, or contact us. CPTC responds to feedback and hearing what interests and/or needs of people in the community is helpful to creating a collaborative learning environment.

What if the training I need is full and I NEED to attend it?

Contact Katherine Routt directly. Katherine is willing to talk with people about their training needs and if there can be any exceptions to space.

What if I don’t like the CPTC training?

In order to get the full amount of CEUs, each participant must attend the full training. If you can give feedback about what part of the training you did not like, CPTC will take that feedback and improve on the training. CPTC is developing more options for play therapy training in Minnesota so any feedback is welcomed.

Are there other Play Therapy trainings?

Yes! CPTC hopes to provide other training opportunities on our page.

Join APT and through your membership, the local MN APT chapter will send out announcements of upcoming trainings.

Are there other Trainers with CPTC?

Katherine Routt is the lead trainer and organizer of CPTC.

Can I be a trainer at CPTC?

CPTC is open in having other trainers and types of trainings being offered. Contact us to set up a time to have a conversation with Katherine and begin the process of offering trainings at CPTC.