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Windows of Tolerance

Requirements: To register for this training, you must have 3+ years experience in the field of play therapy and/or hold a RPT, RPT-S or SB RPT credential. You must have two clinical cases to share in class with all identifying information changed to protect confidentiality.

Objectives: To give opportunities of learning for more advanced play therapists. These are not trainings for new professionals or professionals new to play therapy concepts. Conceptualization of cases and/or models used can change from training to training.

  • Utilization of different conceptual models and/or theories of play therapy
  • Challenge participants to utilize other models of play therapy than currently in use
  • Family influence on child development on cases
  • Culture, Socio-Economic status, Gender, etc. influences

This training can be used for meeting Play Therapy Theories and/or Application requirements for obtaining CEUs for becoming a RPT. This training can also be used to be part of the CEU requirements for every 3 year reporting cycle. Please visit CPTC FAQ or APT’s Website for more information.

In class participation is expected and dependent on the pass/fail “grade” of obtaining the final CEU certificate.